Andrew Malcolm


Is Donald Trump chief executive or executive producer?

Unlike most recent presidents, Donald Trump does not have a White House communications director. He doesn’t need one. Trump is his own executive producer. Once reserved for the high and the mighty, the Oval Office under this president is the main set for his image-making.


Inside the Trump-Kim summit: What it really means

Clearly, the Trump-Kim nuclear-weapons summit had all the elements to make it historic, must-see TV. What is unknown, despite the blizzard of post-summit coverage, criticism and speculation, is exactly what the event might actually mean, if anything.


Apologies for being so sick of apologies

I apologize for being so sick of apologies. No, I take that back. What is this with apologies these days? Apologies have been a running story and meme, an actual industry covered ad nauseum by cable channels, as if they’re important.

Trump backtracks on Russia interference comment

A day after President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump is going back on comments he made during their joint press conference regarding Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election.