Former Rep. Mel Watt disappeared into new job. Now he’s back

On a recent afternoon, the nation’s top housing overseer, former Rep. Mel Watt, looked out his office window at the U.S. Capitol in the distance. The majestic dome appears much smaller than it did from his old congressional office, where he could almost lean out and touch the Statue of Freedom crowning the historic building.

In Arab village where toddler died, providing security a challenge

Days after suspected Jewish arsonists hurled a firebomb into a house, burning an 18-month-old toddler to death and injuring his parents and brother, Abed Alsalam Dawabsheh, the mayor of Duma, pondered how to increase security for the West Bank town’s 3,000 residents. He had serious limitations.

Ted Cruz joined the race for Republican preidential nominee on March 23, 2015 in a speech at Liberty University in Virginia. Find out where the Tea Party favorite and child of a Cuban immigrant stands on immigration reform, combating ISIS, the national minimum wage and the June Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. (video by Natalie Fertig and Jessica Koscielniak)