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A lawyer and a senator: Graham struggles to play both parts in Kavanaugh drama

Lindsey Graham
Trump talks tough on immigration in Nevada but it could backfire
Insurers could charge huge premiums under Yoder-backed bill, health care experts say
Title-pawn shops ‘keep poor people poor.’ Who’s protecting Georgians from debt traps?
The lights are back on, but after $3.2B will Puerto Rico’s grid survive another storm?
Why did FEMA give big Hurricane Maria contracts to such inexperienced bidders?
Weary of blackouts, more Puerto Ricans are turning to solar energy
Russian officials keep hanging out at U.S. jails. What do they want?
Russia accuses Nikki Haley and Trump of colonialism in Nicaragua
Exclusive: Trump takes aim at Venezuela lifeline, which could raise prices at the pump
Florida election officials seek info as support builds for Nelson’s Russian-hack claim
Years of tense US-Argentina ties began to ease with a desperate search for a lost sub
McCaskill raises more than $4 million in second quarter
James Smith needs SC black voters to win. How 2020 hopefuls, Clyburn are pitching in
Polls suggest a tough race for Donna Shalala for Miami congressional seat
Ivanka Trump to help raise money for Senate Republicans
Miami’s pro-Trump ‘master of selfies’ could upend a competitive congressional race

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