Commentary: After almost 10 years, U.S. makes good on grim promise

The United States has been gunning for Osama bin Laden for more than 10 years, since before 9/11. But it was the terror attack of that day that made this murderous man a permanent U.S. target, with no statute of limitations.

On Sunday, the first day of May, U.S. special forces accomplished what President Obama rightly called justice, killing bin Laden in a firefight during a daring raid, coming away with his body and no American casualties.

"Brilliant operation" reads like an understatement. One foreign policy expert used the words "patience, resolve and capability" to describe the operation. No hyperbole needed.

President Obama didn't understate the achievement when he spoke to the nation Sunday night, but he wasn't exultant, either.

He gave heartfelt thanks to all who carried out the mission -- and all who laid the groundwork for months and even years.

He spoke to those Americans who lost loved ones on 9/11, and those who have lost thousands more in the ensuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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