Commentary: Can we stop this birth certificate nonsense now?


Rhymes with flat-earthers.

We've got much of the Arab world in turmoil, debt and deficits of staggering size and other challenges ranging from an energy policy to immigration to war. But on Wednesday President Barack Obama felt obliged to stand before the nation and show the long form of his official birth document. It seems the fringe has again invaded the mainstream to make an issue of a non-issue.

And the cartoonish Donald Trump says he's honored to have played a part in resolving the issue.

Those Americans for whom The Twilight Zone was a great TV series by Rod Serling, not a home address, will be glad not to hear any more of this nonsense.

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, the 50th state in the United States of America. He is president of the United States. Legally so, having satisfied the constitutional requirement for being born on U.S. soil.

As Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts wrote not long ago, it's time for the political fringe to return to the fringe.

Cue the hook. Center stage requires responsible adults determined to meet the country's challenges and find ways to keep the United States the land of opportunity. We've got issues aplenty. We don't need to make them up.

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