Commentary: Charlie Sheen's ramblings are yesterday's news

Of all the crazy hijinks we've witnessed as part of Charlie Sheen's meltdown, this week's weren't all that surprising.

The camp of the unemployed actor and not-so-great stand-up comedian (so say the reviews), has attempted to trademark 22 of his interview soundbytes. You know the ones – they've become famous pop-culture catchphrases in the past month.

I'm not upset with Charlie for this. This is America, after all. It's where famous people can do just about anything – including trademark their own ramblings.

But I am mad at you, people of America. I'm mad that we've enabled this guy – that we've let it get this far.

We need to make this a line-in-the-sand moment. To signal, once and for all, that all this "Duh, Winning" has run its course and has officially played out.

At this point, quoting "winning" ranks right between "raising the roof" and the Jonas Brothers on the hip-right-now scale.

Yet I can't go a day without someone on Facebook or Twitter proudly proclaiming they're "winning." Each and every time, I cringe.

Last weekend, I heard one of our local radio stations using Sheen soundbytes on the air between songs. Still?

I even heard one of those groan-worthy SportsCenter anchors use "winning" the other night during a game recap. Sigh.

I'm going to say this as kindly as possible: STOP! Stop saying "winning" on Facebook. Stop saying you're "bi-winning." Stop talking about "tiger blood." Please, please, please – just stop!

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