Commentary: Rand Paul tapped into voter frustration

Rand Paul, a relatively unknown Bowling Green ophthalmologist as recently as 18 months ago, is going to the U.S. Senate to take the country back for the Tea Party movement.

Whether the anti-federalism, anti-taxes, anti-spending message espoused by Paul and his fellow Tea Partiers will resonate in Washington remains to be seen.

It is notable that, on the same day Kentucky voters gave Paul a sizeable victory over Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway, they returned to Congress such incumbents as Rep. Hal Rogers, a master of the pork-barrel politics Paul condemns.

Indeed, if the pre-election prognostications about Republicans retaking control of the House proved accurate, Rogers stands to become chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee, thereby increasing his ability to funnel federal dollars to his 5th District.

It must also be noted that, barring some surprise uprising, the Senate Republican caucus Paul joins will continue to be led by his fellow Kentuckian, Sen. Mitch McConnell, another master of bringing home the bacon.

But whatever problems await Paul as he tries to deliver on his promises to balance the federal budget and impose term limits on an entrenched crowd of longtime incumbents, today belongs to him.

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