Commentary: Rand Paul's long list of oddities

The mystifying thing about Jack Conway's "Aqua Buddha" attack ad on Rand Paul is that he didn't even need to get all religious-y about it.

He should just have added Paul's membership in the bizarre NoZe brotherhood at Baylor University to the long list of oddities of the Republican/liberterian/Tea Party darling:

■ Like questioning the public accommodations element of the Civil Rights Act.

■ Like saying that drugs are not a pressing issue in Eastern Kentucky.

■ Like saying mountaintop removal in Eastern Kentucky is no big deal because they're just "knobby little hills" anyway.

■ Like saying the federal government shouldn't have a role in setting or enforcing regulations on mine safety.

■ Like saying he supports a $2,000 deductible on Medicare.

■ Like not graduating from Baylor before being admitted to Duke University medical school.

■ Like setting up his very own board of medical licensure because he didn't agree with the American Board of Opthalmology.

With apologies to the Republican Senate candidate in Delaware, about the only thing Paul hasn't done is say he has dabbled in witchcraft.

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