Commentary: Don't let negative campaigning keep you from voting

Did you know that "record deficits, high unemployment and massive debt" exist because U.S. Sen. Patty Murray spent the last 18 years representing Washingtonians in Washington, D.C.?

Did you know Dino Rossi, challenging Murray for her U.S. Senate seat, is "out for himself and not on our side?"

Were you aware that U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen "creates jobs for the Chinese, not us?" Or that Larsen's opponent, John Koster, wants to cut benefits to those receiving Social Security?

If you've heard any of these, campaigns have attempted to dupe you into believing half truths in what has been the most negative campaign in recent memory.

We believe it is important that voters sort through this disappointing vitriol, find real information and vote. Don't let the nastiness drain you of your desire to be part of the most important process in our democracy.

The sad thing is that most of the accusations against all candidates in the negative ads are simply not true - or are such a stretch of the truth as to no longer resemble the truth. Is one senator responsible for all of the nation's problems? Hardly. Does someone who has represented his community in the state Legislature not care for his community or state? Laughable.

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