Commentary: Starting with O'Donnell, let the denials begin

I have no idea who Christine O’Donnell’s political consultant is, other than it’s not Karl Rove.

But if she were my client, I would have played things differently on the whole witch deal.

The flat-out denial in this week’s much-talked about TV commercial — “I’m not a witch” — was fine with me.

Except O’Donnell, the tea party candidate for Senate in Delaware, might have done herself a favor by adding one of those “Seinfeld”-esque disclaimers.

Like “I’m not a witch — not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

As a Republican with an uphill battle ahead of her in a Democratic state, the last thing she needed was to tick off a voting bloc.

“So what you’re saying, Christine, is that you don’t want our support?” the Wiccans had to be thinking.

Still, I do like the overall approach. Denial. Politicians always tell us what wonderful people they are and how their opponents are thieving reprobates.

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