Commentary: California governors race becomes a battle of classes

You knew the race for governor would come to this: a clash between the classes.

Democrat Jerry Brown is homing in on one of Republican Meg Whitman's signature issues — eliminating California's capital gains taxes — to make his point that Whitman would help the wealthiest among us.

In one form or another, Brown whacked Whitman during their hour-long debate this week no fewer than seven times over her proposal to end the capital gains tax.

Questioners asked Brown about all sorts of issues. And by many different routes, he returned to the theme:

Is he beholden to his many organized labor contributors? Brown was asked.

Brown answered that Whitman raises money from her donors, too — "I would bet you the majority would get an immediate tax break from her key economic plan, which is to eliminate totally the California capital gains tax."

What about a misleading television commercial that is airing?

"I will say this. One of these targeted tax cuts is targeted to billionaires like Ms. Whitman and millionaires," Brown answered.

If elected governor, how would he create jobs?

"I have a very specific plan, and it's not to give a $5 billion tax break to myself and much less to the billionaires and millionaires," Brown responded.

What about cutting red tape?

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