Commentary: Quit foot-dragging on Everglades clean up

Last week's order by Federal District Judge Alan S. Gold directing EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to show up in his Miami courtroom — or else — is one more in a long series of attempts by frustrated South Florida jurists to make the government comply with its responsibility to clean up the Everglades.

Bravo, Your Honor — and good luck with that.

"The defendants (Ms. Jackson and two other environmental officials) are hereby placed on notice that failure to comply with the terms of this Order will not be tolerated," the judge declared.

Ms. Jackson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, would be wise to heed the order. Judge Gold clearly means business and has every reason to be upset and impatient with government foot-dragging in Everglades litigation.

This particular Everglades lawsuit — there are others pending — was filed more than five years ago. It's been moving forward at a snail's pace, thanks to government lethargy and stalling tactics.

Frustrated with the persistent delays, the judge on April 14 ordered the officials to appear in his courtroom to explain why the legally mandated standard on water quality of the Everglades has not been met.

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