Commentary: Libertarian hat just doesn't fit Murkowski

It's good to see Libertarian Senate candidate David Haase finally decline suggestions that he step aside for Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The reason is simple. Haase is a Libertarian, nominated by his party members (presumably along with some others on the Alaskan Independence/Libertarian/Democrat primary ballot). Lisa Murkowski is not a Libertarian. She's a Republican.

The Libertarian line on the ballot has one strong appeal for Murkowski: The state would print her name there. She wouldn't have the burden of a write-in campaign; her supporters wouldn't have the burden of remembering to both write her name and fill in the oval beside it.

But a Murkowski candidacy as a Libertarian would be like a ship registered in Liberia -- a flag of convenience, and that would demean both candidate and party.

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