Commentary: We will survive

It hasn't been an easy time for American workers the past few years because of the economic meltdown. Many have lost their jobs, and others have suffered through pay cuts and furloughs. Those with secure jobs are feeling very fortunate on this Labor Day.

We are told that the economy is slowly improving, although that's a difficult case to make to those who are unemployed.

In a survey sponsored by Everest College, 41% of respondents said California's terrible job environment is the state's top economic issue.

But we will make it through this difficult time and we'll adjust to the new economic realities. Many workers have gone back to school for retraining and others have changed careers to make them more employable.

Government must also adapt. Citizens must send the message to our elected officials that there's no free ride. Just as we learned individually that we can't use our homes forever as ATMs to supply cash for our latest toys and desires, our elected officials must learn that the government programs that we fund can't be put on a credit card. No more budgeting by smoke and mirrors or through accounting gimmicks.

We'll all be better for it. Our economy will be stronger and government agencies won't be laying off workers if they live within their means. Workers need to know that their jobs are secure. That would make for a relaxing Labor Day.

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