Commentary: Millionaire politicians not exempt from the tough questions

They complain about the attack ads against them, but the two multimillionaires running for top offices in Florida only have themselves to blame.

Slick TV ads by Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott and U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Jeff Greene have pummeled their primary opponents as "career politicians" and pointed to deals and votes they made during public careers. That's normal in a campaign.

So, too, should Mr. Scott and Mr. Greene expect voters to ask them about their past -- and present -- business deals and lifestyles even as they claim they are free of "special interests" because they are financing their own campaigns.

Their slick messages promising to bring common sense to Florida politics as astute businessmen surely attract voters frustrated by partisan wrangling in Tallahassee and Washington. But what do Floridians really know about these two men?

Not much if all voters see are their glitzy ads.

After spending millions of dollars on the campaign Mr. Scott, a Texan until recently, still hasn't explained his role in the largest Medicare fraud case in U.S. history as head of the mammoth Columbia/HCA hospital chain in the 1990s.

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