Commentary: Haiti needs better coordination, more money to fully recover

Haiti was fragile before the earthquake hit last January. Six months later, it's shattered still.

Putting the country back together will take organization, effort and money. But the longer it takes to rebuild, the easier it is to become desensitized to the suffering.

It's also easier to let progress stall, which is what's happened.

The plight of the Haitian people touched hearts around the world immediately after the earthquake. Millions of dollars were pledged and donated. Doctors and medical supplies were sent to help the injured. Food and water were distributed. Tents were handed out.

For the most part, the emergency aid was a success. Mass starvation was avoided and epidemics were averted.

But now what?

The people wait while their government tries to rebuild the country.

And they wait and they wait.

In the rubble.

Progress has been painfully slow. It doesn't help that international donors have given only 10 percent of what they promised.

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