Commentary: Silly answers on soda taxes and solicitor generals

It is tough enough to follow public affairs without a knowledgeable and definite source of information. Lacking that, we offer half-baked answers to your simmering questions.

Why is state government taxing bottled water, soda and candy? How will the average high school student survive?

Yeah, heaven forbid they pay some taxes. The Legislature and the governor subscribe to two theories of taxation. The first is to target things that seem frivolous and discretionary so they can say they didn't raise "general" taxes. The second is to discourage unhealthful behavior through taxation.

You mean like adding another buck to the cigarette tax?


But why candy? I know it isn't all that good for me but it isn't an unfiltered Camel either.

True. But wouldn't a nice serving of fresh fruit, perhaps with some natural, unsweetened yogurt be better for you? Or some sliced, organic carrots?

I prefer a 3 Musketeers and a Coke. Do they think they can legislate good health?

They think they can legislate against bad health habits.

But water? Doesn't water come from God?

It does. But the bottles come from Monsanto.

I read Chris Gregoire is on Barack Obama's short list for solicitor general, whatever that is?

You don't know what the solicitor general is?

I meant short list.

"Short list" is inside-the-beltway-ese for the made-up list of people who may or may not be considered for jobs that may or may not exist.

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