Commentary: Graham vs. Clyburn race would be a tea party tester

What I wouldn't give for a James Clyburn-Lindsey Graham gubernatorial race.

They are the two most influential politicians in the state.

Clyburn is one of the most powerful Washington congressmen as the Democratic majority whip. He has President Obama on speed dial.

Graham also has the ear of the White House even though he's a Republican and in the minority party.

Their clout would bring excitement to a race so bland most South Carolinians haven't bothered to look up the names of the candidates.

The match-up would also provide a major test for the tea party.

Tea party supporters would have to treat the state the way it is treating Washington. They'd have to consider the performance of those in power to determine if the bums need to be thrown out. In Washington, most of those bums would be Democrats.

In South Carolina, most of those bums would be Republican, the party that has had a stranglehold on political power for several election cycles. Democrat Jim Hodges was able to briefly defy that reality to become a one-term governor only because pro-Confederate flag voters were angry at incumbent David Beasley.

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