Commentary: Some 'pro-life" legislation that is anti-child

Thank you, Reps. David Floyd and Tim Moore, for exposing that what often poses as "pro-life" has nothing to do with concern for children.

The pair is jeopardizing legislation that would protect children by weighing it down with an amendment requiring women to undergo a fetal ultrasound before receiving an abortion.

The amendment assumes that women are so stupid they don't know what they're aborting. All the circumstances that lead a woman to decide to end a pregnancy will magically dissolve into a mist of maternal instinct if she only sees that picture.

Floyd, R-Bardstown, and Moore, R-Elizabethtown, insist that all they want is a fair hearing for the ultrasound mandate and a requirement for face-to-face counseling at least 24 hours before an abortion.

But they've already had a hearing.

The House Health and Welfare Committee heard and voted on Floyd's bill and a similar one from the Senate last month. Neither bill received enough votes to advance to the full House.

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