Commentary: Partisan politics won't solve Florida's corruption issues

You might think the Broward legislative delegation is channeling the dysfunctional U.S. Senate where partisan bickering prompts many Republicans to go against a smart measure like a deficit-fighting commission just because President Obama supports it.

At last week's Broward legislative delegation meeting, the majority Democratic members seemed to take umbrage that the sole Republican among them, state Rep. Ellen Bogdanoff, is taking the lead on getting an anti-corruption Broward bill passed in the Legislature.

This is partisanship at its most self-defeating, train-wrecking worst.

Broward's legislative Democrats have to redeem themselves Wednesday. They should give the nod to a measure that would seek county voters' approval to create an Inspector General's Office to investigate public officials in Broward. The delegation's support would send the bill to committee hearings.

So why get miffed at Ms. Bogdanoff?

She's running for a state Senate seat. That prompted Rep. Jim Waldman from Coconut Creek to accuse her of wanting to push through the bill to help her own "political ambitions" -- and that raised enough Democratic hackles for the delegation to defer the issue until this week.

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