Commentary: U.S. leaders must get together on health care

The big health care showdown between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans is today, and we hope the political combatants find common ground on an issue that is crucial to every American.

We won't be surprised if the session turns into political posturing, but wouldn't it be refreshing if the president and GOP leaders actually listened to each other?

Obama helped the cause when he finally reversed his above-the-fray stance on health care reform. Up until now, he left details of a bill up to the House and Senate.

The majority Democrats couldn't offer a plan that had widespread acceptance. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid showed just how out of touch they are with the American people as they tried to ram their versions of health care reform through Congress.

The longer the wrangling has gone on, the more dissatisfied the public has become. Finally, Obama published his own plan, eliminating special deals such as the so-called "cornhusker kickback" for Nebraska, and taking positive elements from the already passed House and Senate bills.

As he promised, Obama posted his proposal online 72 hours before today's summit with congressional leaders (see www.whitehouse.gov/health-care-meeting/proposal/).

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