Commentary: McConnell is disingenuous on deficit, taxes

Which Mitch McConnell was it that appeared before the Danville Chamber of Commerce last week?

Was it the longest serving U.S. senator in Kentucky's history, the leader of his party, the Republican rainmaker, the man who can bring our federal legislative process to a grinding halt, over and over?

Didn't sound like it. Sounded like poor citizen McConnell, as beleaguered by the mess in Washington as any hapless American.

McConnell hopes President Barack Obama's deficit commission "won't be just another aimless commission that makes a report that nobody pays attention to."

Since the commission will make recommendations to Congress, presumably McConnell will have some say on whether anyone pays attention and takes action.

But, who knows? After 25 years in the Senate, many of them in leadership, he fretted in Danville that he could only hope the commission will "come up with a way to deal with our large unfunded mandate problem: Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid."

Gee, how did those pesky unfunded mandates crop up when he wasn't watching?

But nothing perplexes like McConnell's disingenuous remark that, "the only instruction I'm going to give them is that I think the problem is that we're spending too much, not that we're taxing too little."

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