Commentary: Tax breaks and incentives need to be revisited

A dollar is a dollar is a dollar.

At home that means we make choices on how to allocate those precious greenbacks: Buy things? Pay down debt? Invest for the future?

When things change — someone loses a job, an unexpected expense pops up or new priorities are set — we take stock to see if we need to make different choices because dollars don't really stretch.

In Frankfort, though, legislators seem to have missed this basic economics lesson.

The dollars the state gives away or chooses not to collect as incentives for economic development appear to go out the door with nary a question about the return on those investments.

In fact, we who supply those dollars don't know just how they're being used or what we're getting for them.

That's not going to change anytime soon, if the fate of two bills that would impose some accountability on tax incentive programs and tax breaks is any indication.

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