Commentary: Packaging shouldn't keep meds from veterans who need them

So military veterans at Alaska Pioneer Homes can't take advantage of their prescription benefits because of a difference in packaging? This is an example of when government really is the problem instead of the solution.

About a dozen vets at the homes -- those who need help taking their medication -- are stuck taking more costly drugs because the Pioneer Homes want the medications in blister packs, and the Department of Veterans Affairs supplies them in bottles. Blister packs make it easier to keep the meds separate and make sure patients take them on schedule. Otherwise it's harder to keep track of what pill is what.

Hmmm ... You mean you can't keep the meds in the bottles they came in?

We understand the blister packs make administration easier, especially when residents are taking several medications. But it looks as if the Pioneer Homes are putting their needs ahead of the benefits vets have earned -- and making those vets or their families pay to meet the homes' preference.

Wrong priority, folks.

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