Commentary: Congress was right to defund ACORN

Ultimately, the decision to withdraw funding for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — or ACORN — was a no-brainer. Even supporters found it hard to justify giving federal money to a group whose members told a pimp and his prostitute how to evade taxes and mortgage rules.

The pimp and the prostitute, as it turned out, were amateur undercover muckrakers with a hidden camera who set out to capture damning evidence against ACORN workers. They certainly succeeded.

Two ACORN employees were taped advising the couple to lie about her profession, launder her earnings, and even giving advice on how to evade taxes on underage prostitutes smuggled in from El Salvador. At first, ACORN executives tried to say the video was doctored and the voices were dubbed, but the claim wasn't credible.

Despite a move by ACORN to conduct its own internal investigation, Congress decided to act. Last week, with the blessing of President Obama, the Senate voted 83-7, the House 345-75, to stop spending taxpayer dollars to support the organization.

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