Commentary: Obama's missile shield move was on target

The Obama administration's move to delay long-range anti-missile bases in Eastern Europe and step up short and medium anti-missile defenses makes sense.

It's quicker to build, more proven and directly confronts Iran's most pressing threat.

But there are legitimate questions about whether Obama played the trump card of delaying the long-range system to its best advantage.

The old plan angered Russia by placing anti-long-range missile batteries in Poland and radar systems in the Czech Republic.

The new plan focuses first on ship-based interceptors and counters Iran's short- and medium-range missiles, better protecting Israel.

A secret International Atomic Energy Administration report leaked this week notes: "Iran has sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device."

The timing of the announcement, coupled with a NATO offer to include Russia in future missile defense plans, has left Eastern Europe very worried.

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