Commentary: Deporting Haitians is short-sighted

From religious and business leaders to local Republican and Democratic members of Congress to hip-hop artists — all are calling on the Obama administration to grant temporary protected status to thousands of undocumented Haitians living in the United States.

It's only fair that Haitians already here receive TPS after a series of four deadly storms destroyed Haiti's crops, left a million homeless and more than 1,000 dead last year. Deporting them to a country that's in crisis, where Haitians count on remittances from those able to work here, is short-sighted. And cruel.

Other immigrant groups, such as Salvadorans and Hondurans, have been granted TPS in the past — and had it renewed — after natural disasters in their countries forced many to leave. In 2008, no less, the Bush administration extended TPS for Honduran and Salvadoran nationals because of the "lingering effects" of Hurricane Mitch a decade ago.

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