Commentary: Senator Harry Reid's poll numbers don't look good

A central figure in the stubborn battle to keep nuclear waste away from deep, safe deposit in Yucca Mountain is falling into a cavern of his own making.

Wednesday's editorial, "Reason has yet to prevail in nuclear waste debate," touched on Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., and his opposition to Yucca Mountain as a safe-storage site for nuclear waste.

We'd like to go further today, with more about Reid.

He is probably the linchpin of the Obama administration's anti-Yucca Mountain attitude.

Reid has staked his political career on this one subject. As Senate majority leader, the most powerful man in the U.S. Senate, he wields great power.

But it seems to us, subjectively, that he wields that power ineffectually.

And recent polls in Nevada indicate, objectively, that he might not be in a position of power much longer.

It won't necessarily be the Senate that makes that decision, if it is made. It would be the voters of Nevada.

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