Commentary: Can DeLay's political tango translate to dancing success?

Anyone who's been itching to vote Tom DeLay off the island will get a chance (to mix a metaphor) when Dancing With the Stars hoofs back for a new season in September.

"What, was Dick Cheney not available?" commenter "Renee riebe" wrote on ABC TV’s Web site in response to the news that the former House majority leader from Sugar Land will join B-listers including Donny Osmond, Kathy Ireland, Aaron Carter and Mark Dacascos (you know, "The Chairman" from Iron Chef America) in search of amateur dancing fame.

A number of other comments alluded to pending money-laundering charges against DeLay — though some tended toward libelous, so they won’t be regurgitated here.

DeLay, who left office in 2006, is bound to be the dark horse in a field that includes Grammy Award winner Macy Gray, PETA no-fur model Joanna Krupa, celeb offspring Ashley Hamilton (dad is George, a DWTS alum) and Kelly Osbourne (Ozzy, of course), former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin and Olympic swimming medal machine Natalie Coughlin.

The best head-to-head competition will surely be hardball politics' DeLay against Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell, whose mixed martial arts expertise rivals DeLay's backroom arm-twisting skills. Can "The Hammer" chip away at "The Iceman"?

Those familiar with DeLay's record in Congress might bet good money that his first move will be to try to change the rules, a tactic he executed to great success with Texas' congressional redistricting.

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