Commentary: Some of Palin's fame helped Alaska

Every time I write or say anything publicly about Sarah Palin I receive a pile of mail. Hate mail from Palin fans who demand blind adoration of their conservative heroine.

Fox viewers were particularly upset by my "smirk." Since Fox used only my voice during a TV interview, these people must be mentalists.

A Lowell, Mass., man began his letter "Dear Mikey" and closed with "Hope you fall into the abyss, Sincerely yours, Al."

Sarah Palin is probably the most divisive figure in America. When I visited New York and Boston a few months ago, I was amazed by the hostility she generates. In Boston, she is the high-heeled wicked witch of the West. New Yorkers explode if they find out you are from Alaska. "How could you inflict this horrible right-wing woman on us?" they demand.

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