Commentary: Foul-mouthed politicians missing the real obscenities

They've got to be !@#$^&* kidding."I'm a tough ****!""Mom, stop him, he's cussin'!"

It wouldn't even make decent reality TV. But that's about the level of discourse from the two leading candidates for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate.

For the sake of argument, we're willing to agree that Attorney General Jack Conway is indeed a tough son of a bitch, as he proclaimed at the Fancy Farm picnic Saturday. And we're even willing to take Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo at his word that such language fairly makes him blush.

What we can't see is that any of this matters. (Nor do we think it really makes any difference that, as Mongiardo pointed out, he is a true blue University of Kentucky grad while Conway went to the hated Duke. But it's August, we might have a different call on that one come March.)

You see, we're much more bothered by obscenities like these:

Kentucky's unemployment rate reached 10.7 percent in June, the highest rate in 26 years.

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