Commentary: Teens, learn the dangers of 'sexting'

Parents, be forewarned. And teach your children about the dangers of sexting — not just in school but in life. Boyfriends and girlfriends sharing explicit images via cell phone are courting major trouble.

The Manatee County, Fla., school district will not tolerate this growing practice any longer. As of last Monday, the District Code of Student Conduct contains this new rule:

“If you post, send or forward to anyone else a nude or sexually revealing photo of a student person through the internet or text message, or if you show such photos to other people, you will be suspended from school and you may be recommended for expulsion. You may also be subject to arrest for violation of child pornography laws if the student in the photo is a minor.”

What kids today view as harmless fun is considered a crime in the adult world — indeed, a felony. Just ask the Florida teenager who is now a registered sex offender. After he had an argument with his 16-year-old girlfriend, he sent a naked image of her to her friends and family.

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