Commentary: Veterans deserve good care, education

Four years ago, the Department of Veterans Affairs was facing a $1 billion shortfall.

Veterans were having to wait months for routine exams. News reports about the dreadful conditions and subpar treatment of veterans at Walter Reed Army Hospital sparked more controversy.

Much has improved since those dark days of 2005.

The House of Representatives, by a 415-3 vote, approved critical funding last week for U.S. troops, as well as more assistance for veterans and their families. Congress should continue to improve those services, which have grown substantially since 2007.

Another plus: a new GI Bill, which takes effect next month, expands college education benefits for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

One challenge: Many of those returning from the war on terror are dealing with emotional scars that threaten their ability to successfully re-integrate into society, raise a family and hold down a good job.

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