Commentary: Operation Rescue turns sights on Nebraska abortion doctor

KANSAS CITY, MO — Operation Rescue, the aggressive anti-abortion group based in Wichita, Kan., made tracks to distance itself from the murder early this month of abortion doctor George Tiller.

But now the group, which hounded Tiller for years, is turning its sights on LeRoy Carhart, the Nebraska-based physician who regularly assisted Tiller.

Operation Rescue has put out the word that it wants to hear from women who sought abortions from Carhart in the last five years. It's doing a "research project" on Carhart, according to its website.

If experience is any guide, this "research project" will result in unverifiable and downright bogus allegations, which the group will make public. It's the sort of information that just might inflame an unbalanced person like Scott Roeder, the man accused of shooting Tiller in his church -- where, by the way, Operation Rescue had protested and disrupted services numerous times.

But when tragedy occurs, Operation Rescue's leaders are shocked and appalled. Or so they say.

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