Commentary: Al Franken should be in senate

Timing matters. It's past time for Minnesota to send its second senator to Washington.

The election boards are unable, the governor refuses and the courts there seem incapable of putting an end to the fiasco that's resulted from the close Senate race between incumbent Republican Norm Coleman and challenger and apparent winner Al Franken, a Democrat.

But someone has to put the matter to rest. As former "Saturday Night Live" comedian Franken understands all too well, few things are more pointless than a comedy skit that's run its course.

True, the race was extremely tight. The latest round of recounts indicates that Al Franken beat Norm Coleman by only about 300 votes. And Republicans worry Franken will tip the Democrats to a filibuster-proof 60 votes in the Senate. And yes, defeat would be a blow to Coleman and the GOP, who initially thought they’d won a razor-thin victory.

But the vote took place in November, almost eight months ago. And there are still arguments over uncounted absentee ballots? The excruciating waiting period is absurd, and a danger to democracy. By now everything should have been counted in every possible configuration.

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