Commentary: Brownback's a shoo-in for Kansas governor

Sometimes you just have to sit back and behold what's smack-dab in front of you.

What was in front of me last week was Sen. Sam Brownback's powerful surge in Kansas.

Here we sit 17 months before the next election for governor, and the electoral battleground Brownback is navigating is as wide open and unobstructed as a Flint Hills Sunday morning.

In short, he's a shoo-in, or as close as you can be this far out. There's nary another Republican or Democrat in sight, although a third-tier contender is bound to emerge to offer at least token opposition.

On Thursday, one more sign of Brownback's pre-eminent position emerged. Former senator Bob Dole and current senator Pat Roberts, both of whom have had their struggles with the more conservative Brownback, have signed on to head his national campaign team.

Also, the last four GOP nominees for Congress in Kansas – Jerry Moran, Todd Tiahrt, Nick Jordan and Lynn Jenkins – will be in charge of their congressional districts for Brownback.

This is an impressive pulling together of a state GOP that’s been anything but together in recent years.

Give Brownback his considerable due. A clear run for governor in Kansas is as rare as $100 bills in my pocket. Just check recent history.

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