Commentary: Anchorage Assembly should halt endless gay rights law testimony

There's no doubt that most of the 550 people who signed up to testify at Anchorage Assembly hearings on a gay rights law have sincere and deeply held opinions on the issue. But enough is enough. Some of those opposed to the ordinance are filibustering to delay any action on it. Not to mention the fact that church officials have brought in teens from the Lower 48 and people from the Valley to demonstrate outside Assembly meeting rooms on this Anchorage-only issue.

The Assembly should bring the public hearing to a close and begin its own debate about what action to take.

The ordinance under discussion is about banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. One version would move the city incrementally in that direction, and another version is more comprehensive.

People have given testimony in three public hearings, June 9, June 16 and June 17. The matter is up again at tonight's Assembly meeting. As of now, the Assembly has reached person No. 374 on the list of 550, though quite a few folks were not there when their names were called.

Assembly chair Debbie Ossiander said Friday she will continue to allow public testimony until everyone who wants to talk is heard.

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