Commentary: Schwarzenegger's right that partial budget fix won't work

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is correct to insist that the Legislature solve the entire state budget problem of $24.3 billion, and not come up with partial solutions, with the hope that tax revenues will increase as the economy improves. Partial solutions have brought California budget misery that now threatens every state program, including the safety net for our poorest residents.

That kind of irresponsible action cannot continue.

In this time of financial crisis, legislative leaders must be willing to fix the problem and not give Californians phony solutions such as the last two budget agreements that were balanced only in the dreams of the state bureaucracy.

Schwarzenegger told The Bee’s editorial board that he will insist that the next budget agreement be a realistic one that covers the entire budget gap.

"So this is why I urged the Legislature to take this seriously and to not come in with kind of a three-step program here or kick the can down the road, as they have done in the past, but let's solve this problem," he said prior to the Fresno meeting. But Schwarzenegger said he believes the Legislature is ready to act, and predicted a budget deal within two weeks.

We hope so. The delays have cost the state money, put thousands of state workers' jobs in jeopardy and threatened the elimination of important state programs.

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