Commentary: Will apology from DJs accomplish anything really?

Undoubtedly, many people will be listening Thursday when some tasteless shock jocks on Sacramento's KRXQ apologize for mocking transgender people on the air.

You've read about this on sacbee.com. Apparently, some of our commenters believe the shock jocks are the real victims here. They contend freedom of speech has been curtailed by the PC police.


No one has been jailed in this episode or even fired. Government goons haven't been rounding up all the radio twits stuck in permanent adolescence. They are still free to swim through sewers and say stupid things in the hope we will tune in.

But what of the advertisers who pulled their money from 98.5 FM?

That's called business. Let's not confuse it with personal liberty.

Advertisers are free to advertise with whom they wish. If they aren't getting their money's worth – or get ticked off at a show – they walk.

It's not insignificant that national advertisers such as Bank of America, Carl's Jr. and Chipotle – and local advertisers such as SMUD – pulled the plug over these comments.

They should be commended.

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