Commentary: Take a stand against NRA

This editorial appeared in The Miami Herald.

A provision that has absolutely nothing to do with credit cards has sailed through the conference committee that reconciled the House and Senate versions of credit industry reforms. The provision would allow visitors to carry loaded weapons in national parks. This is more proof, if it were needed, that the National Rifle Association holds sway in Congress over law-enforcement groups and everyone else who supports sensible gun-control measures.

Incredibly, President Obama intends to sign the credit-card reform bill into law even though it contains the deadly gun provision. That will disappoint many of his supporters. But it ought to mollify some American gun owners who have been stocking up on firearms. They believe Mr. Obama intends to disarm the public and have been emptying out gun shops ever since his election.

No argument, it is disappointing that there is absolutely no leadership on either Capitol Hill or in the White House to counteract the NRA's relentless drive to, it appears, make no place in the United States off limits to guns.

South Florida is home to two national parks – Biscayne Bay and Everglades. Hunting and fishing are banned in the parks for two good reasons: public safety and preservation of species. Will there now be a push to again allow hunting and fishing within our national parks?

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