Commentary: No reason to hold up Fugate's FEMA confirmation

This editorial appeared in The Miami Herald.

Someone should tell Louisiana Sen. David Vitter that this is a particularly bad time for him to exercise — or should we say abuse? — the senatorial privilege of placing a hold on an executive nomination.

No one has raised a serious objection to the acceptance of Florida's Craig Fugate as the next director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but Sen. Vitter has thrown a monkey wrench into the process by blocking his confirmation. The issue, as Sen. Vitter sees it, is that FEMA has not been quick enough to respond to questions about three hurricane-recovery projects in Louisiana following the devastation by Hurricane Katrina.

Holding up the nomination of Mr. Fugate is his way of getting the agency's attention. That may serve his narrow political purpose, but it is a disservice to everyone who may need FEMA's help in the near future, and that includes millions of Americans.

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