Commentary: Bradenton should enact summer fertilizer ban

This editorial appeared in The Bradenton Herald.

Reasonable. Ecological. And overdue.

Manatee County is looking to join the growing movement among governments to restrict the use of fertilizers containing phosphorus and nitrogen. That would limit the amount of contaminated water spilling into our streams, lakes and bays, thereby promoting the growth of algae, other vegetation and red tide.

The result? Higher water quality improves our environment and boosts economic and recreational opportunities. Who wants to kayak or fish in an algae-clogged lake?

In the past year, a cleaner Tampa Bay logged a record number of bay scallops, according to Holly Greening, executive director of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program.

Manatee County officials are composing an ordinance proposal based on a model developed by the estuary program.

With such widespread benefits, we stand behind this idea.

But the Manatee ordinance proposal is not expected to reach commissioners until late this year.

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