Commentary: A global plan for clean energy is needed

This editorial appeared in The Tri-City Herald.

President Bush's Global Nuclear Energy Partnership was right on about a couple of points – solving the energy crisis will require a global approach and a massive nuclear component.

Of course, with a new administration in the White House, GNEP is old news, but recent developments have us thinking a lot about energy issues.

First, there was the Obama administration's decision to sideline plans for opening a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nev.

Then, the Environmental Protection Agency declared that greenhouse gases from fossil fuel emissions threaten human health and the environment.

One development raises questions about whether America's nuclear revival can gain momentum while plans for permanent disposal of spent fuel remain in limbo.

The other makes the case for a rapid expansion of nuclear power on a worldwide scale.

Solar, wind, biofuels and hydropower all have roles to play, but any realistic option for reducing greenhouse gas emissions must include nuclear.

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