Commentary: Now is not time for partisan hearings

This editorial appeared in The Fresno Bee.

Congressional Democrats need to take a breath at a time when their political giddiness is overwhelming their good sense on holding hearings on the Bush administration's terrorist interrogation tactics. These proposed hearings – and there could be several – seem destined to be partisan affairs that will continue to divide the country.

This nation has many problems that need to be addressed, chiefly the economy, and hearings with predetermined outcomes will only be a distraction as the nation attempts to move forward.

There are many avenues available to get at the truth of the Bush administration's tactics, and congressional Democrats don't need to be piling on.

It's time to move forward on the most pressing problems instead of conducting hearings whose real goal may be to create campaign fodder for next year's mid-term elections.

President Barack Obama has already said that if there's an investigation, the independent commission that looked into the Sept. 11 attacks would be a better model. Obama has expressed concern that congressional investigations on Bush interrogation methods would break down along party lines.

This is a sensitive time for our nation and Obama must have a free hand in conducting foreign policy, especially when it comes to protecting the nation from terrorism. Bush-bashing hearings in Congress would hardly send a message of strength to our enemies.

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