Commentary: The big 'C' retains its power to frighten

This editorial appeared in the Tri-City Herald.

The "C" word seems to be surrounding us these days.

We're talking about cancer. It's an ugly word and an even uglier disease.

But in what may be a bit of good news, recent reports have suggested that some types of cancer are better left alone.

Basically, studies have found that tumors detected in some cases aren't dangerous in the long term, and treatment could do more harm than good.

A lot remains unknown. The findings are still being evaluated, and researchers continue to debate the merits. For every study touting a breakthrough, it seems like there is another one that refutes it.

What we do know is that an awful lot of people around us have cancer these days: parents, friends, acquaintances, parents of friends, friends of acquaintances. The list goes on.

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