Commentary: Stick to the economy

This editorial appeared in the Miami Herald.

At least once or twice every session the Florida Legislature strays from its missions -- passing a balanced budget and approving sound laws based on the state Constitution, scientific evidence or other solid research. This year Floridians want lawmakers to keep their focus lasered on fixing the state's faltering economy and finding solutions to the $3 billion deficit that won't throw the poor, elderly and ailing under the train.

But these compelling mandates haven't stopped some legislators from wasting their counterparts' time with issues that simply don't resonate with the majority of Floridians. Take Miami Republican Rep. Anitere Flores' revival of a bill requiring pregnant women seeking abortions in their first trimester to submit to an ultrasound. Under the bill's provisions, doctors must allow women a chance to see the scan unless they sign a declining waiver.

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