Commentary: Alaska's gas tax will rise again

This editorial appeared in The Anchorage Daily News.

The one-year suspension of Alaska's 8-cents-a-gallon gasoline tax ends in September. Lawmakers should resist the popular idea of extending the break, as proposed by Anchorage Sen. Bettye Davis and backed by Gov. Sarah Palin.

Even before we cut our state gas tax to zero, Alaska had the lowest gas tax and lightest overall state tax burden in the United States.

When Alaska gasoline prices closed in on $4.50 a gallon last summer, the suspension had a rationale – with oil prices so high and the state treasury swollen with the revenue from those prices, we could afford to cut the gasoline tax and give ourselves a little consolation at the pump. The same logic fueled the $1,200 energy rebate.

Today, it's a different world.

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