Commentary: Chuck Norris for president of Texas?

First, we get Kinky Friedman running for governor.

Now, Chuck Norris is predicting that Texans might rise up and declare our independence – and that he might run for president.

As if we don't have enough trouble in Austin, Norris wrote Tuesday in his syndicated column that some American state like Texas might "stand and secede" from the "wayward federal government."

He added – tongue-in-cheek, he wrote – "I may run for president of Texas."


If Walker, Texas Ranger, wants to be president – are we powerless to stop him?

I've heard the jokes.

But I might point out that Texas tried to cut out once already.

That was an epic failure.

Norris wrote that Texans might rebel "if the state of the union continues to turn into the enemy of the state."

Quoting Patrick Henry and John Adams, Norris wrote that Congress and the president "stampede" the Constitution in favor of "desires, partisan politics and runaway spending."

He's kicking mad that the United States has somehow "bastardized" religious freedom by having a secular government. He quotes a 1776 Adams letter saying that the Constitution works only for "a moral and religious people."

Norris added that he thinks the Republicans are taking the nation the same direction as the Democrats, "just slower."

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