Commentary: Comparisons of Obama, Roosevelt a bit strained

This editorial appeared in The Tri-City Herald.

The Roosevelt comparisons simply will not go away.

President Obama basked for a short while as a kind of nostalgic mood swept the country.

It was a new beginning; it filled the national atmosphere.

In 2009, as in 1933, an unpopular president was gone and a new younger one installed with an appearance of readiness to tackle all the big problems.

Obama hasn't yet reached the 100 days Franklin D. Roosevelt established as a criterion for excellence, but it's already clear the current Congress moves grudgingly.

Times aren't (at least, not yet) as bad today as they were then, when financial crisis meant not so much worries about Wall Street, banks, savings and retirement as the need to find the next meal for the family.

And Congress in those days was more collegial.

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