Commentary: BSC woes understood by Obama and Biden

To the football bubbas of Texas, this Obama-Biden administration isn’t looking so bad.

Back in 2003, when college presidents were dragged before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden said the Bowl Championship Series looks "rigged."

He even called the BCS "un-American."

Joe, come on down to Texas.

Talk to us now about the BCS.

With the Texas Longhorns somehow squeezed out of Big 12 championship contention — in part based on a poll of 54 coaches in other leagues — and with the TCU Horned Frogs wondering whether any Cinderella teams will ever near the glass slipper, now is the time to rally Texas politicians and overthrow the BCS.

Everything in college football is about money and politics, which is why it’s no surprise that President-elect Barack Obama already told 60 Minutes that he wants to "throw my weight around" and replace the BCS with a playoff.

I bet Biden would have won more Texas votes if he had repeated what he said back in 2003.

(Except maybe for the part about how he grew up wanting to play for the New York Giants.)

"I don’t know if you guys know how it looks to fans of teams that aren’t part of this system," he said in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, grilling college presidents from the cabal of six leagues that holds an iron grip over the $125-million-per-year championship game system.

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